Ramon reserves the rights to void any certificate that is issued outside the scope of cover and/or outside the guidelines given to our clients.

All certificates are subject to review by Ramon Inc. cover may be cancelled for no activity, non payment, no declaration or late declaration.

Please help us expedite claims service by directing all claims to our website. We thank you in advance.

Important ***Please Read Our Disclaimer*** Disclaimer Ramon International Insurance Brokers

All insurance inquiries should be submitted on a timely manner and prior to departure of ocean vessel or other method of conveyance. All domestic shipments within the U.S. or within other countries should be insured prior to commencement of transit. Claims will not be honored for certificates that have been issued at a later date. Ramon Inc. will not be responsible for claims being denied that are related to certificates outside the scope of cover.

We reserve the right to cancel cover for any certificates with premiums that have not been paid and/or have been delinquent.

All void requests should be made via our online system or via email. Void requests will not be processed over the phone. Void requests that were not submitted and are advised after the closing of the month will not be credited as these funds have been transferred to our insurance company.

All claims notifications, all claims status inquiries should be addressed to claims@ramonins-usa.com. Updates on claims are not made on the phone because we are required to keep records of all communications in the event that this information is requested by the insurance company. We are not responsible for claims that have been declined or not honored due to delay notification or other reason deemed appropriate by us. Our clients are advised to ask their assureds to notify our office upon receipt of the damage goods or contact the survey agent as instructed. All instructions for claims appear on the insurance certificate. We are not responsible for lost originals.

Letter of Credit certificates will be processed only IF FULL AND FINAL INFORMATION has been received by the bank. Letter of credit certificates cannot be processed with incomplete information. Through our experience, we have learned that letter of credit certificates cannot be processed with incomplete information because by the time it takes to reach the banks, we are asked to void the certificate. Changes on letter of credit certificates are not acceptable and must voided and reisued. All certificates that will be voided are subject to a reissue fee of $75.00. Rates and or cover subject to change prior to providing cover if our underwriting department does not approve information.

We reserve the right to put accounts on hold from processing certificates if payments are delayed or any other form of non-compliance with our rules and regulations as deemed necessary by Ramon Inc.

We also reserve the right to notify assureds that coverage has been canceled. No refunds for one time transactions of high insured if certificates have been delivered to satisfy bank’s or any other requirements regardless if cover has not been effected.

All credit card charges are subject to $35.00 cancellation fee.

We reserve the rights to recovery of all legal fees due to lawsuits raised against our clients. Our service fees are earned once certificate has been issued to our clients and will not be refunded if not requested to be cancelled within 24-48 hours for ocean shipments and same day for air shipment prior to departure of flight. Service fees are included in our invoice.

Should my account with Ramon be terminated I agree to pay my balance within 7 days. I also, agree to request a void certificate within a reasonable time of 24 to 48 hours, unless satisfactory reasons are provided.

Terms of payments are agreed on our acknowledgment letter before enrolling with us and/or written on the invoice.

By entering this site and/or by doing business with Ramon Inc, I hereby confirm that I have read the disclaimer on the Ramon website and am in agreement with it.